Taken for Granted

So, I’m finding that there are several important points that I want to note in most every post.  But I don’t, because this would get boring and repetitive and make you want to read something else. Instead, I’m putting them all here. Once. These points are taken for granted, and will not be mentioned elsewhere unless they’re exceptionally important or decisive.

Granted 1: Economy of Scale

Mass producers can buy supplies in bulk (even greater bulk than you can get at your local Costco), and have huge machines that can work harder and faster than a measly pair of hands. They can turn out more product in less time and for less cost than you can. If price or time is your only concern, then DIY will rarely be the way to go. ADDENDUM TO THIS POINT: Being the genius that I am, I actually wrote this “Taken for Granted” around the same time as my first post. And frankly, I’m not finding this to be true anymore, at least from a price standpoint. It’s usually less expensive to DIY, or pretty close to a wash, financially. The time factor, though, holds true – it’s almost always faster to simply buy what you need.

Granted 2: Control and Customizability

When you do something yourself, you have control over EVERYTHING. That’s sometimes the best reason to do it – you know each ingredient and can omit allergens, you choose the paint and thus get the exact color you want, etc…  Here, DIYers totally have the advantage. So, if control is your only concern, then mass produced will rarely be the way to go.

Granted 3: YMMV

Your Mileage May Vary. As in, you may take my word for it and try DIYing or buying, then decide I’m full of shit. That happens. It’s okay.


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