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Olive Tapenade

24 May
crackers with tapenade

Tasty tapenades!

Is there anything better in the world than olives? Yes. Tapenade. This salty, briny, capery mixture is pretty much the best thing ever invented. According to CliffordAWright.com, tapenade is French, from Provence, which helps explain why it’s awesome. Rob and I started making our own when we tried a recipe for grilled tuna steaks with tapenade topper. Yum. We had leftovers, so we started experimenting, putting tapenade on veggies, on crackers, on cheese, on chips, on pretty much everything. And then I started making it to bring to parties, because we always have olives and capers on hand – which is kind of weird, when you think about it, considering we’re two born-and-raised Midwesterners. But it’s a great party dish – it pairs with goat cheese, with brie, with pita chips, with bread, with hummus, with many other equally delicious things.

But I digress. Tapenade is very hard to find in stores (in Des Moines, at least). Our regular grocery store doesn’t carry it, so up until now it’s been a forced DIY. But the other day, we were picking up gourmet $1.50-per-dog hot dogs at a local specialty grocery store (don’t judge – they’re the best hot dogs I’ve ever tasted), and Lo! What did we find but tapenade!  Thus, I decided that the time had come for…

Challenge: Tapenade

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