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Boiled Cider

18 Oct
boiled cider, drizzled on cheesecake

Boiled cider is a FANTASTIC cheesecake topping. FYI.

Confession: I love me some autumn. This is my favorite season… ever. It’s got cool sunshine and low humidity; sweaters, cute jackets and jeans; and oh, the food! Apples and pears, pot roast and soup, tomatoes and squash and pumpkin and cranberries. It’s pretty much the perfect season.

And, to celebrate the greatness of autumn, I just discovered a thing called Boiled Cider. This is actually a very old-fashioned syrup-type product that’s made from apple cider. It used to be super-popular, especially along the east coast, but has really fallen by the wayside. UNTIL NOW.

I’m telling you, I’d like to start a boiled cider renaissance. This stuff is like autumn, in edible form. Now that I know it exists, my life is forever changed, for the better.

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Tuesday Challenge: Cider Vinegar

5 Jul
vinegar in a jar

MMmmmm... cider vinegar. Thanks to AlyssssyIA for the photo.

Vinegar, in general, tends to get a bad rap, at least as far as sayings go. Take “full of piss and vinegar,” to describe someone who’s crabby. Or “You’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar” for when you want to help a friend with a fly problem (or perhaps comment on their mood). Vinegar is the symbol for sour personalities and bitter emotions.

And that’s a shame, because this is pretty awesome stuff. Yes, vinegar hits the sour/tart/bitter notes – but those are USEFUL flavors.  There are dozens of delicious foods you could not make without vinegar: Salad dressing. Potato salad. Sauerbraten. Pickles. Various and sundry marinades.  Mustard, and therefore anything made with mustard. Balsamic-Strawberry ice cream.  Mmmm…

And cider vinegar, in particular, has some great health benefits.  Now, according to ye ol’ WebMD, cider vinegar can help control blood sugar levels (especially important if you have diabetes), and it can help you feel fuller if you take a tablespoon or two with a meal (important if, like me, you’re hungry A LOT). And it may also help control blood pressure and improve heart health.

I see nothing bad about that.

And, I recently discovered that cider vinegar is EASY to make. Especially if you already have some apfelwein around. (Which, if you can believe it, we do.) So, this week’s challenge is…

Challenge: Cider Vinegar

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