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25 Oct

My new logo! Head over to to see the whole redesign!

BIG NEWS! I’m now on!

This week marks the one-year anniversary of DIYorBuy! And to celebrate, I have a totally NEW SITE! Head on over to (oh, yes – my very own URL!!) and check it out. A fresh look, a fresh logo and a bright new home on the Interwebs. I could not be more excited.

Also exciting is this weeks analysis: Halloween wings! Go check it out on And tell your friends!

PS: You may also want to update your bookmarks to reflect the new site.

PPS: That logo is going to be on stickers soon! Check back at frequently to find out when I’ll be giving away FREE STICKERS! Because, really, who doesn’t love free stickers?



Another Sugar Scrub!

17 Jun
scrub ready for use

The Olive Oil and Sugar Scrub

Okay, so earlier this week I posted about a sugar scrub. It was lovely and wonderful and it smelled great, but it required a few specialty ingredients. Namely, sweet almond oil and essential oils. (Well, the essential oils weren’t required, but they really did help.)

Anyway. I also made a second batch of scrub, that uses only things you can find at the grocery store – no extra shopping trips or goofy specialty oils. Ready?

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Tuesday Challenge: Body Scrub

14 Jun
Body scrub!

Lavender-Lemon Body Scrub!

I have a deep and abiding affection for scrubby products. When I was younger, it was because my skin was a mess and I liked to imagine the scrubs were helping clear out the gunk. Now, I like them after my long-run weekend workouts: It gets rid of all the caked-on sweat, and massaging it on is kind of like a reward for my legs, a little “thanks for not falling off back at mile 8” sort of thing. (Not that they would fall off, but you know…)

Anyway, the problem with commercial scrubs? You get what you pay for. For example: Drug-store St. Ives Apricot Scrub? Highly effective, very affordable… but also rough and drying on the ol’ skin. (Yes, I know it’s marketed for the face. But it works everywhere.) Special-order Arbonne SeaSource Foaming Sea Salt Scrub? (My favorite!) Fantastic on the ol’ skin, but a bit harsh on the wallet. Now, we all need little indulgences, but I like to save my indulgences for things I can’t replicate myself, like a good haircut or a really awesome butterscotch malt. Does body scrub really fit that category?

Challenge: Body Scrub
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Lip Balm

28 Dec
Finished products!

From left to right: Honey-Lemon-Rosemary with sparkle gloss, Honey-Peppermint with pink gloss, Plain Lemon

Winter is good for many things: Skiing, and sledding, and making snow men, and enjoying sweaters and scarves. What winter is not good for, however, is lips. As soon as the cold weather comes along, my lips start snapping and cracking and flaking out. It’s completely unattractive. It’s also quite uncomfortable.

So I have combated this with excessive amounts of lip balm. Seriously, I have stashes of lip balm EVERYWHERE. I counted no fewer than eight tubes in my possession: Two at my work office, one in my home office, one in my purse, one in my travel toiletry bag, one on right next to my earrings and necklaces on my dresser, one in my makeup bag and one in the inside pocket of my winter coat. At $2 a pop, that means I’ve invested at least $16 into the prevention of chapped lips.

For $16, I bet I can make my own. A lot of my own.

Challenge: Lip Balm

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