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5 Pear Facts (or, Growing Alien Tree Fruit)

16 Sep

My very own pears, in my very own tree!

Okay, so we’re working through the slow, slow process of getting settled into the new house. Which is taking FOREVER and keeping me from doing the things I want to be doing (cough cough BLOGGING cough). But no matter – it’s all worth it and we’re almost all settled and cozy in our new digs. And I don’t know if I properly shared my complete excitement about the flora the previous owners left for us – namely several mature Concord grapevines, and a pear tree! The grape time has passed, but the tree is  FULL of pears! (Well, okay WAS full of pears. I may have attacked it last night.) I kept waiting and waiting for them to ripen, which they stubbornly refused to do, so I finally gave up and did some research on how the hecks to manage a pear tree.

Turns out, pears are basically alien fruit. They behave differently from almost every other fruit out there. Which is a little frustrating (I think I let them sit too long on the tree) but also really, really fascinating. Here are five interesting and strange things to know about pears.

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