Growing Brussels Sprouts

4 Jun
Brussels sprouts

Keep growing, little sprouts!

Sunny gardening space is at a bit of a premium in our yard. And by “a bit” I mean, we only have one small strip of sunny land, over on the south side of the garage, and each year its contents are determined by a Battle Royale between Rob the Butterfly Garden Fan and Amanda the Passionate Vegetable Grower. Alas for the local butterfly population, I typically win. And while space is at a premium, I do try to find something new to test among the must-have tomatoes and bell peppers and green beans. One year it was tomatillos (raging success). One year it was bush cucumbers (wholesale failure). This year… ‘Jade Cross’ Brussels sprouts!

Aren’t they pretty? They look kind of cabbage-y, which is fitting because they’re of the cabbage family. And I know that Brussels sprouts get a bad rap in the kitchen, but if they’re prepared well, they’re SO GOOD.  And I have just the recipe to prove it.

But that doesn’t happen until these bad boys start producing. The photo above is them a few weeks post-planting, and there’s a lot of foliage and not any sprout yet. But if all goes well, I’ll have some sprouts to try in this late summer/fall when the weather starts cooling off. I can’t wait to compare the home-grown to the store-bought.

Have you tried growing Brussels sprouts? And what plants (flower, food or foliage) are you excited about growing this year?


2 Responses to “Growing Brussels Sprouts”

  1. Tigon Woline 06/07/2011 at 1:46 pm #

    I’ll be excited to hear how this turns out. We grew sprouts in the garden last year and never got anything bigger than small marble. Decided it wasn’t worth the limited space in my veggie garden.

    • Amanda 06/07/2011 at 4:05 pm #

      I’m actually a little worried that I started them too early this year, but we’ll see… worst thing that happens is we don’t get sprouts and learn a very important lesson for next year. 🙂

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